Erosion Concerns

Jan 08, 2020

The following was addressed to Robert Youhas at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Philadelphia District.

Dear Mr. Youhas:

The Long Beach Island Joint Council of Taxpayer Associations strongly supports the New Jersey Department of Transportation’s application to restore and maintain safe navigational depths for vessels transiting between Long Beach Island and Barnegat Bay. However, the JCTA is concerned about the lack of available material to restore the living shoreline for eroding bay islands, and the application’s failure to propose an equitable solution for businesses with silting boating areas.

We would appreciate your response to the following concerns:

1. What is the maximum amount of cubic yards of dredged material that can be placed on Parker Island?

2. Is the 26,740 cubic yards of material the estimated amount of material for the first dredging of the nine channels, or for the entire 10-year authorization period?

3. What is the estimated number of times dredging will be performed in the nine channels over the 10-year authorization period to restore and maintain safe navigation?

Is the total amount of material to be dredged over the 10-year period less than the total amount of material that can be stored on Parker Island?

If space is available, would the permit allow dredged material from other entities, such as marinas and yacht clubs, to be placed on Parker Island, and if so, what would be the requirements and costs to do so?

4. Do any of the nine channels to be dredged contain acceptable material that can be used to restore eroding bay islands’ living shoreline, such as Mordecai and West Marshelder islands? If so, would the Army Corps’ permit allow such transfer of the dredged material?

We look forward to your response to our concerns.

Peter E. Trainor, chair

JCTA Environmental Committee


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