Environmental Crisis

Sep 11, 2019

To the Editor:

The public comment period for the New Jersey Energy Master Plan ends at noon on Monday, Sept 16, so there’s still time to comment at energymasterplan@bpu.nj.gov, as I did. My comment follows:

As primary caregiver of an impaired elder, I send this public comment in lieu of attending a public hearing.

We need an energy master plan that shows full commitment to a livable planet. Only political will can create wide changes to make this happen.

The plan targets are inadequate compared to the crisis faced by the planet at large, and New Jersey in particular.

The plan neglects to stop the 13 proposed new, unneeded, polluting and dangerous fossil fuel projects. They will be unneeded when we commit to green infrastructure. Fossil fuels are polluting and dangerous to health and safety during development, use, disposal and when inevitable disaster happens.

Our fresh water must not be risked by these new projects. Our water quality is already demonstrably inadequate and only taxpayers will be held responsible.

After the California debacle, why approve new gas lines through the Pine Barrens? (PS: The culpable California company declared bankruptcy.)

All new infrastructure must place climate considerations first.

We must reduce waste generated by, among other things, our purchases encased in plastics of all description (most of which is municipally unrecyclable).

Political carbon counting tricks will not fool Mother Nature. Before the last election we were promised real climate action. Let’s see it reflected in the environmental master plan and its implementation.

Janet Drew

North Beach Haven


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