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Endless Pools Provide Homeowners with a Great Aquatic Exercise Space

By David Biggy | Sep 13, 2019
Supplied Photo The Endless Pools Fitness System E2000 not only offers a space to get a great aquatic workout but a relaxing spa space as well.

Ship Bottom — Swim, walk, run, chill or just splash around. With Endless Pools, all those and more are possible, and all within a confined aquatic space suitable for most backyards and even some enclosed areas. The only question is how far you want to take your activity level.

“An Endless Pool is the perfect, swim-in-place machine, but it’s so much more than that,” said Shawn Hannon, a Ship Bottom lifeguard and consultant with Hot Tubs by HotSpring, an Endless Pools dealer based in Eatontown. “In an Endless Pool, swimming might be the priority, but you can do so many other kinds of exercises in a low-impact setting and then just relax, all in the same place. They’re really awesome.”

“Awesome” is an easy way to describe the multiple “systems” that make up the Endless Pools line – each type specifically designed for the extent of exercise and activity it will be used for, from walking to resistance-band use to biking. However, “awesome” doesn’t provide the depth by which these systems are developed or function, and those are important factors when deciding which one to get.

For starters, think of these systems as glorified hot tubs. No, they are not pools that go on forever, as the name may suggest, but a contained space that uses a hydraulic power unit to generate a steady current of water designed to help you swim in one place – or, as the Endless Pools website describes, “a laminar current of up to 5,000 gallons per minute that is wider than your body and deeper than your stroke.”

The systems can be 12, 15, 17 or 20 feet in length, 50 to 58 inches in height and roughly 7½ feet wide, and hold between 1,300 and 2,400 gallons of water. Each one has propulsion jets for swimming purposes as well as hydromassage jets for the relaxation part. And they do come in several colors, both for the internal shell and exterior cabinet.

“They’re sleek,” Hannon said. “They’re made really well, and they look great. Everything is contained within the shell of the system, whether it’s the 15-foot model or the 20-foot model.”

Of course, choosing the model most likely is the difficult part; that all depends on what you want to use it for, in addition to swimming.

Let’s start with the big one right out of the gate – the Endless Pools Fitness System. The E500, E550, E700 and latest E2000 models all come in at 58 inches deep with an optional treadmill feature, and each comes with standard stainless steel grab rails, speaker and lighting systems, as well as a cover. The “E” series fitness systems also come with optional aqua bikes, swim tethers, rowing kits and resistance bands for additional workout possibilities. The bonus feature of the E2000 is the dedicated spa space, which has four hydrotherapy seats and an illuminated waterfall.

As for the “X” series SwimCross Exercise Systems, these models – the X200, X500 and X2000 – are paralleled with their “E” series cousins in terms of functionality and capability, minus the treadmill option, while the “R” series RecSport Recreation models, comprised of the R200 and R500, are more basic, light-workout systems.

“If you don’t want to have a treadmill in your system, the SwimCross systems are a great alternative,” Hannon said. “With the RecSport systems, somebody might want to do more plyometric or resistance exercises, or focus on water aerobics, but it’s also a good system for somebody who might do some light swimming, because this model isn’t as powerful with its current.”

Another benefit is the ability to program the system to create a custom workout, much like many of today’s treadmills. Whether you want to do short freestyle sprints, mid-distance breaststroke or backstroke swims, or slower long-distance hauls – or exercise at various speeds within a specific time period – you can set up a unique swim pattern every time you step inside.

“That’s one of the really awesome features of it,” Hannon said. “If you want to do 50-meter sprints in 20-second intervals, take a 20-second break and then do another sprint, you can program this thing to do it, and it will do exactly what you want. You set the pace of how you want to swim, and the machine will keep you at that pace. And you can do it at whatever level you’re comfortable with. You can go hard or take it a little easier, whatever you want. The possibilities are endless.”

Regardless of the type of workout you want to do with an Endless Pool, it also doubles as a water therapy space. Just as with a hot tub, you can adjust the temperature and jet settings and simply chill out. If desired, enable the Bluetooth settings and play your favorite music as well.

“Turn on the lights, get some music going and have a good time,” Hannon said. “If you don’t want to deal with crowds at the local pool or the beach, this is a convenient way to enjoy water workouts or just have an enjoyable time in the water without leaving your backyard.”

And even at the maximum of 20 feet and 2,400 gallons water with the E2000, it’s smaller than most above-ground or in-ground pools, requiring less maintenance and operating with less electricity. Lock-in-place covers – which can be purchased as an option to the standard fold-over cover – also provide additional safety measures and no chance of debris getting in the water when the system is not in use, which can be limited since the systems can be used year ’round.

“The systems run from $16,000 to $60,000, depending on what you want and how much you want with it, but they’re really good investments for people who don’t want the extensive maintenance and headaches of having a pool,” Hannon said. “You can get this all-encompassing system, do all kinds of different aquatic exercises in it, and use it as a place to relax with some music. You can’t get all that with most pools, and operate and maintain it for less money over time. It’s a win-win piece of machinery.”

For more information about Endless Pools, visit endlessfitness.com, or contact Shawn Hannon by email at shawn@hottubsbyhotspring.com or by phone at 732-747-8400.

— David Biggy

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