Endless Kiss

Oct 30, 2019

To the Editor:

On our yearly trip to LBI, Brant Beach, this September, I wrote a short prose poem inspired by the sound of waves breaking on the beach.

Marriage Contract

The endless sound of the ocean proposing to the beach. Will you marry me? I will.

Over and over, will you? I will. Do you? I do. I’ll never stop. I know. Will you? I will. Do you? I do. Now until forever? I know. Will you? I will.

Waves going on until forever. Never stop. The ocean and the beach. Wed for eternity. An endless kiss.

The contract goes on forever. Perpetuity. Will you? I will. Do you? Do. More fervent, violent at times. Calm but constant others. Will? Yes. Do? Do.

We rely upon it. Denizens of this land formed by their union.

Rob Crawford

Sweetwater, N.J.


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