Eagleswood to Launch New Website and Brochures in a ‘Rebranding of the Community’

By Monique M. Demopoulos | Jan 15, 2020
Photo by: Supplied Photo Eagleswood Township Brochure, designed by Mark Mancini of Sea4Creative

West Creek, NJ — On Jan. 7, Eagleswood Township’s Economic Development Committee held its first meeting to discuss upcoming brochures and a website overhaul as part of community revitalization. Committee Chairman Mark Sommaripa explained, “The strategy here is to create a really unique and spectacular brochure/information guide that is part of a rebranding of our community. We want to let the community and surrounding areas know what we have to offer. This brochure is going to be our first marketing piece to kickstart that rebranding.” The goal is for both the website and brochure to launch by next month.

Mark Mancini of Sea4Creative is managing the design of the brochure as well as a long-overdue revamping of the website. Fittingly, the front of the brochure features what Eagleswood is named for: a beautiful bald eagle coasting over a body of water. The back side features a map of the area. The literature inside will give a brief history of the area, followed by the scenic attractions that continue to draw visitors to the area. The brochure will refer to extensions on the website, where visitors can learn more.

“The history of Eagleswood really does go all the way back to the 1600s,” Mancini explained. “We wanted to go back and recount the history (in the brochure). There’s a home standing here since 1705. Blackbeard was 7 years old when that house was being built. That’s worth thinking about!”

According to Mancini, the concept of the brochure is to highlight the reasons people settled here in the first place, in what was already home to Native Americans. “People came here for the hunting and the fishing, the spectacular views, the birding and wildlife in general,” he said. “What we tried to do was tie the history of why people came here originally to why people should still want to come here.” The imagery in the brochure and on the website serves to reinforce that concept in the literature.

“A lot of people in town have helped us out and provided us with photography, both historical and present-day,” explained Mancini. “A lot of it is nature and just fantastic views. Big sky country. That is what we are, and we want to make sure people understand that. We are not just a place that sits between Manahawkin and Tuckerton. We are a nature based, water based community.”

In addition to providing a resource for recreation, the brochure will also include a business directory. A strong emphasis will be placed on promoting what makes Eagleswood unique from bordering towns: the natural environment and small businesses.

“We’re here to promote the local businesses, to promote new business, and in a very calculated way, we’re working hard to improve the commercial district between Manahawkin and Tuckerton,” explained Sommaripa. “We’re not going to be the big-box guys, nor do we want to be. We are going to be the community that welcomes an art gallery or maybe a small coffee shop.”

Committee member Rob Doelp reported, “I was able to talk to some of the business owners, and they were very excited and positive about the effort we are putting together here. With regard to growth, I already have at least 10 new businesses to add to the list. We have a lot of products and services to offer, which is great, and with the Old Causeway folks (Tide Table Group) coming into town, there’s a lot of upside.”

Doelp explained the brochure effort has created a spark in other committees, such as the Recreation Committee, that have added a list of community events to the brochure. Committee member Candace Adams added, “This list is a very beneficial tool for building a community that stays here. We want our community to value the community and take pride in it. You shouldn’t have to go to the Manahawkin Lake for their festivals when we have our own. We want the people of our community engaging with each other and with neighboring communities. We want to bring people in and encourage excitement.”

Finally, the brochure will reference a page on the website for volunteer inquiry as well as a page of guidelines outlining best practices for outdoor recreation. According to Doelpe, “We’re going to have a lot of eyes on this (brochure), and I’d like them to see that.”

The committee noted part of seeing growth in Eagleswood relies on a flourishing wildlife and environment, and comes with the responsibility to educate visitors on how to protect and respect Eagleswood’s natural amenities. Adams concluded, “As a coastal community, we see all the effects of changes in tide, weather and climate. Having a sustainable, resilient community is something we have to place a lot of value on.”

— Monique M. Demopoulis


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