Doing Our Best

Jul 10, 2019

To the Editor:

Estimates of LBI’s occupancy during the height of July 4 revelry range from a meager 150,000 to an all-time record-breaking 750,000 individuals! The annual unofficial boat regatta off the Ship Bottom boat ramp must have been over 100 vessels of all kinds.

All in all, the true measure of this Fourth of July week of patriotism will be told as business owners and local municipalities tally up their receipts.

For the next seven weeks those vehicles laden with families and the endless amount of beach equipment, boating vessels and bicycles and of course reservations and rentals will “tell the tale.” “How’s the economy?” “Are people still coming here?” Hmmmm ... I hope so!

No matter how many M-80s go off at 2 a.m., or the number of times vehicles “fly” down my street, or the endless times I curse under my breath at utter stupidity, I know one fact is undeniable. The year-round LBI residents (not retired yet, or maybe never for most of us) need all these people. Without them, or the water that surrounds us, where would we be?

So keep in mind, we are lucky, very lucky to live on LBI no matter how we got here. The memories, good times and relationships that are forged every year are treasured (usually) to our dying days. Keeping that in mind, we Islanders must try to do the best we can by not getting into conflict with our annual visitors.

A vacation, by definition, is a time when someone does not go to work or school but is free to do what he or she wants, such as travel or relax. People on vacation probably don’t act like this on a daily basis in their hometown. (Did I say probably?) Free to do what you want? What I wanted to do most of the time was not what I should do all the time!

Randy “The Pirate” Brown

Spray Beach

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