Do the Right Thing

Aug 07, 2019

To the Editor:

Nancy Pelosi’s reticence to do the right thing and start impeachment has convinced me that the Dems are no better than the Trump sycophants in the Republican Party. Trump is a cancer. Period. You don’t wait for two years to get treatment or excise the tumor. You fight for your life.

Democrats should be fighting for our republic. Americans have always gone to war knowing they could pay the ultimate price. And many did. But they died for what they believe in. This should not be a political calculation.

Impeach Trump, and let the Republican Senate live with the consequences of not standing up for our republic. And if we lose our country to the right-wing fascists in the U.S. or Russia or China in the process, at least we can say we didn’t sit on our hands just fretting about losing it.

Tom McArdle

Ship Bottom


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