Disconcerting Event

Mar 13, 2019

To the Editor:

It is truly unnerving when the black bear hunt comes around every year in the fall and winter. Animals that are not harmful to humans are shot and their young are left to die without their mothers.

And now it is unbelievable that there are individuals proposing and even sponsoring hunts that kill squirrels, where people learn to remove their pelts and are instructed in how to cook and eat these creatures. And this is to be a day of family fun, even for children.

I have to agree with Jay Lassiter, who was quoted by Jay Mann (The Fish Story, 2/20), that this kind of “family-friendly event” is “disconcerting.” He stated, “Look at the strong correlation of kids who commit violence against animals as children and then grow up to violent against people.”  

Recently, I came across a statement that was written in 1975 by the late celebrated scientist, Jacques Cousteau, who had traveled the oceans of the world many times. Cousteau wrote, “One of the few animals who kills for reasons not involved in his own survival is man. We have carelessly and selfishly brought to the brink of extinction some of the most magnificent animals ever to inhabit the earth. Each animal species that disappears hastens the day when man himself will become an endangered species.” 

Save the squirrels and save the children!

Margit Meissner-Jackson

West Creek

The writer is chair of the Sierra Club Ocean County Group.


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