Disaster in the Making

Dec 04, 2019

To the Editor:

In last week’s edition, Mr. Buerkle wrote a spot-on letter titled “Disciplined Spending?” He outlined, quite accurately, how our local officials  are responsible for selling our beautiful borough of Beach Haven to the highest bidder.

Our mayor, Nancy Taggert Davis, is leading the way to the overdevelopment of our waterfront to the detriment of local neighborhood residents and to the entire community of Beach Haven.

After all, what does she or council members care about the deteriorating aesthetics along Bay Avenue after her abstention on the vote to approve the newly constructed Victoria Rose, or the lack of parking available in the Centre Street area for existing restaurants like Buckelew’s, the Gables, Barry’s, Station 117, the Marlin or the Trident? Their answer is: build a hotel with a hundred-plus rooms with more restaurants to an already entertainment-saturated area.

We’re supposed to ignore the effects this monstrosity will have on our already crumbling infrastructure. Just take a look at our beach, or what’s left of it from storm erosion. The beach has been eroding for the past three years and yet this hotel is the most important item on our mayor and council’s agendas. And yet no word from anyone about the prospects of planting an umbrella on a sandy beach for the upcoming 2020 season.

No, it’s more important to bow down to building developers and give them tax incentives they require to boost their profits and pass on the tax increases to the local residency. The $14,166,334 borough debt the administration has created is Exhibit A on why Mayor Davis and her council supporters need to be replaced.

This proposed project is a disaster in the making. One only has to look at the Victoria Rose to get an idea of what an eyesore the Morrison’s hotel project will create.

I moved to Beach Haven in 2010, got wiped out in Sandy, rebuilt, and my taxes have increased over 100 percent since moving here. My beach at Berkeley Avenue has disappeared, as I wish this project and the administration which has authority to approve it would as well.

Bill Casey

Beach Haven


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