Difficult Crossing

Apr 10, 2019

To the Editor:

Starting at Oxycocus Road south to Bay Avenue, the speed limit is 35 mph. Many do 40 mph or more. At that speed it takes less than 11 seconds to reach the crosswalk at the library. Cars rarely stop. You must stand and wait for a break in traffic while 30 to 70 cars pass. During peak traffic times, a 10-minute wait is possible. Standing in rain, sleet or arctic winds, at a brisk walk it is 10 seconds to cross the street.

When it rains, one side of the road floods across from the library. It is the worst at Manor House driveway, where it is 6 inches deep at the curb clear across to the divider line.

My suggestions are:

1. Lower the speed limit to 25 mph from Oxycocus Road to Bay Avenue.

2. Install a storm drain on west side of Route 9.

3. The crosswalk needs to have stripes to better display the crossing, and/or the pedestrian crossing sign made bigger.

Albert J. Irvine



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