Dictatorial Rulings

Jun 05, 2019

To the Editor:

The restricted use and/or banning of single-use plastic bags is a concise and calculated attack on our freedom as Americans. It has little to do with plastic, but more with the ultimate control of the citizenry.

I applaud the leadership of Surf City in not being held hostage by those who promote these measures.

The decision on the part of Long Beach Township and Stafford Township to succumb to the wishes of the PC agenda of the day is nothing more than a penalty on its citizens and another tax hidden in broad daylight.

A factual analysis of the benefits of single-use plastic bags was recently published in The Wall Street Journal (“In Plastic Bag Wars, the Industry Fights Back,” 5/20). The facts are indisputable: Single-use plastic is, in fact, immediately better for the environment than paper or cotton.

I encourage the citizens of Long Beach Township and Stafford to make this a key issue to replace those politicians who brought this subjective agenda into their lives and homes. Boycotts should also be undertaken against large corporate retailers that fell into line with little or no protest against these dictatorial rulings.

Know the facts and stand up for your freedom. It’s the American way.

Joseph S. Orrico

Surf City




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