Dialogue Appreciated

May 15, 2019

To the Editor:

I’m writing as a follow-up to my last letter (“Pinelands Mess,” 5/8). The senior Pinelands Regional School District administration offered me time late last week to discuss many of the issues I’ve raised at board meetings as well as last week in this paper.

I’m very grateful for their time, during a busy budget season, and their willingness to address directly a number of constituent concerns. Information was discussed about physical plant and security planning, along with recently raised issues about special services and other topics. Dr. Melissa McCooley, PRSD superintendent, and Nick Brown, PRSD business administrator, both provided considered and compelling information and discussion. I thank them for that.

I further shared with them that a lot of sharpness of opinion can be traced to a frustration with understanding district conduct and needing a sense of overhaul and better performance going forward. District clarity and openness and resonant responsive conduct by the board, and its new administration, are what will help the district evolve to gain the trust of students, staff and parents. 

Right now the district has a unique condition and position to build itself up. That would be really worth writing about, and is hopefully on the horizon. The board must rise up to that challenge with the public trust.

Charles Roth



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