Dangerous Territory

Jan 08, 2020

To the Editor:

I wish more people would read Holman W. Jenkins’ Business World column in the Wall Street Journal. It turns out that as far back as Aug. 28, 2016, according to Jenkins, the Financial Times reported that Mr. Trump’s rise to the GOP nomination had spurred Kiev’s political leadership to intervene, however indirectly, in a U.S. election.

In 2015 President Obama sent Joe Biden to the Ukraine to deal with corruption there. In 2014, Biden’s son, Hunter, was offered a position on the board of directors for a large Ukraine corporation, which he served on until April 2019.

“Until a few weeks ago, the press understood the implicit corruption of U.S. foreign policy involved. The facts themselves many not be disqualifying for Mr. Biden, but the sight of him endlessly prevaricating could be,” Jenkins wrote this year.

So basically, the Obama-Biden team had threatened to hold back military aid to Ukraine in 2016, pretty much what President Trump is being charged with today.

This was in the newspapers about three weeks before Trump’s call to the Ukraine president.

Jenkins also mentioned that at some point both JFK and LBJ also didn’t hesitate to use their influence on other countries to help get elected. Apparently, there is a double standard. I also think Trump was correct in calling this a witch hunt because soon after his election and before he took office, there was talk about impeachment. So it seems that there were no high crimes involved.

One of the letters to the editor printed in the WSJ said: “We are in dangerous territory here, and the constitutional danger isn’t Donald Trump. The danger is using impeachment as a political weapon to overturn duly elected political figures.”

Frank J. Andriuli

Ship Bottom


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