D.C. Daggers

May 15, 2019

To the Editor:

Washington, D.C., is a poisonous, chaotic place of leaks and gossip masquerading as history. I think the Democrats don’t mind one bit crawling through a tunnel of excrement just to make a false point. These despicable people are making our president and anyone he associates with dance on the heads of poisonous snakes. The air in Washington is full of daggers.

American politics has turned so rancid that it’s so often easy to forget that there were figures in even our recent history with brains, flair, courtesy and convictions who transcended the scuffle for personal glorification and self-enrichment. In this country all interest groups push for their own agenda rather than for the public good. Governing institutions, meaning Democrats and Republicans in the House and Senate, cannot be trusted.

The problems of our present times require attention to the rules rather than the rulers. Civil discussions and polite disagreements, it seems to me, have ended. To tell you the truth, with both parties, Democrats and Republicans, it’s just a question of how the “golden cow” could be milked most successfully.

I think the so-called progressives have deeply inhaled the vapors of communism. It seems they’re always looking for “truffles” among the roots of Marx’s Communist Manifesto. Eager pseudo-journalists in search of news rely on rumors, handouts, leaks, vagrant interviews, paid propagandists and just plain lies.

To many of us common folk, our leaders and also their followers are irresponsible, rejecting ideas that don’t fit their preconceptions, refusing discussion and rejecting compromise. Worse, they are prepared to deny the humanity and rights of others. They remind me of a menaced octopus that darkens the water to facilitate its escape.

Watching the congressional hearings with Attorney General Barr on TV two weeks ago, I got the impression that the “interrogators” seemed to be cold-blooded, mousy, fidgety little people driven by an insatiable appetite for vengeance and the guile of politics. I thought I was observing a gang of “dwarfs on stilts” – overpaid, over-respected and over-coiffed dwarfs on stilts.

Maybe I was mistaken. Perhaps I was watching a chorus of frogs. One frog says “ribbit!” and that triggers all the rest to chime in with their identical ribbits – just a tribe of noisy frogs. When will there be weekly urine tests for these 545 people in Congress?

Bob Holmes

Beach Haven

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