Curb Appeal

Sep 11, 2019

The following was addressed to Beach Haven Mayor Nancy Taggart Davis.

Dear Mayor Davis:

I have been a longtime resident of Beach Haven, living on Eighth Street as a summer resident with my family since I was a child back in 1944. In 1996, I assumed ownership of this residence and in 2012 I became a full-time resident of Beach Haven.

I notice many park venues around town as I ride my bicycle throughout the streets of Beach Haven. All the curbs at the street corners are graded in conformity with the Americans With Disabilities Act directives pertaining to handicapped accessibility except the corner of Eighth and Bay Avenue. This curb is 6 inches high and I have observed a number of falls and near falls as well as bikers, families with strollers and small children struggling with this particular corner, not to mention the elderly on canes, walkers and occasionally wheelchairs who try to navigate this high curb. I wrote to Borough Manager Sherry Mason last year but never had an acknowledgement from her office.

In a February 2018 article in The SandPaper regarding some borough streets project, the last sentence indicated that “said funds can only be used for projects improving accessibility and facilities for disabled persons.” This corner is certainly one of those areas that needs to be addressed and brought into conformity with the requirements of the ADA. It is an accident, fall or injury waiting to happen and is a serious liability to the borough and a possible lawsuit.

Also, both Seventh and Eighth streets are lined with cars of those patronizing Fantasy Island Amusement Park. I have suggested that these two streets be lined with defined parking spaces as well as yellow lines indicating driveways to keep people from parking in driveways, but again have not been given the courtesy of any reply. However, I notice that the streets “in town” are lined for parking and driveway clearance. Sixth Street through 10th Street is very commercial and a high-volume area along Bay Avenue.

Attention needs to be given to these concerns. I hope, Mayor Davis, that you read this letter and do something to help the local citizens who put you in office.

James J. Durkin

Beach Haven


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