Crucial Crossroads

Dec 11, 2019

To the Editor:

Our country is at risk as the Republican Party ignores all U.S. intelligence agencies and spreads conspiracy theories that it was Ukraine, not Russia, which interfered in the 2016 presidential election and that Hillary Clinton was a catalyst in this conspiracy.

Watching formerly honorable John Kennedy, Republican Louisiana senator, on “Meet the Press” recently appalled me to my core. Without evidence, he accused the Ukranian government with interfering in the 2016 presidential election despite 17 Intelligence agencies confirming that it was Russia, not Ukraine. Additionally, again without evidence, Kennedy stated that Hillary Clinton had conspired with the former Ukranian president to interfere in the election.

Prior to his “Meet the Press” appearance, Sen. Kennedy attended a Senate briefing where he and the entire Senate were dutifully informed by these same intelligence agencies that it was unequivocally Russia that interfered and they specifically accentuated that it was not Ukraine.

As you would expect, after these contrived lies, Kennedy is in good standing with the president as he received his 27 pieces of silver via Trump’s positive feedback. Where are we, as Americans, when – at the expense of our democracy – an entire political party will protect a criminal president who they believe will secure their personal power base and electability by offering his support? These desperate sycophants are inspired more by their own thirst for power and influence than what’s right and just for our country.

Thus, we are at a crucial crossroads in our country where “We the People” have the option of believing political, self-serving rhetoric and conspiracy theories or we can follow a logical, fact-based path of truth aligned with 17 intelligence agencies and the U.S. Constitution.

Bill Green

Beach Haven


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