Corral Conundrum

Jun 12, 2019

Spray Beach — To the Editor:

$336, $480, $625 – what, may you ask, do these figures represent? They represent the amount of money a well-built, quality, brand new and delivered white PVC vinyl trash enclosure with floor goes for, depending on size. (Those without a floor are around $75 cheaper.) It seems if you do not have one, you’re just not keeping up with the Joneses!

This is all fine and dandy, but what does this have to do with LBI? Beach Haven – that’s what! The borough of Beach Haven has decided the mishmash of trash cans, trash bins and trash corrals or lack thereof has become a blight on its fair streets and has made a move to remedy the situation with a new system. Also, the new system will save trips to a local chiropractor for many of Beach Haven’s public works employees.

Like many other communities across our great nation, the rather large, cumbersome, gray and blue, wheeled containers have arrived in Beach Haven. Shiny, clean and with the “Borough of Beach Haven” stamped on the side, they now sit in front of each dwelling in town.

This is the situation, much to the dismay of probably 100-plus homeowners who have learned and I quote, “Corrals are not permitted at curbside or within the right-of-way.” Many homeowners are not pleased with this notion considering after Superstorm Sandy many had to purchase new corrals because their old ones were lost somewhere over in the marshes on the mainland.

Now you can keep your small investment, but not at curbside! What to do? Find friends in the other five Island municipalities who need one? Sell yours. Or, like many, cut, kick or remove the small front of said enclosure, sit it next to your house and be bound and determined to get your money’s worth out of this thing!

Change is usually a painful process. There is one other choice: Find a willing individual who will just come and take it off your hands. “Out of sight, out of mind.” Now who would do such a charitable act? Probably some local who saw this coming.

Randy Brown

Spray Beach




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