Confusing Document

Nov 27, 2019

To the Editor:

I’ve taken a long, hard look at the Joint Council of Taxpayers Associations’ school FAQ document. It’s tedious. I’m not sure I understand why some of the items are included in a discussion of a bond referendum for the specific purpose of repairing the LBI School.

For example, why include enrollment from 19 years ago (#6) and any discussion of the unrelated September 2017 failed bond referendum (#21, #22, #27). In #27 the JCTA discusses what would happen if one school were closed and the land were disposed of … but that’s not a part of the Dec. 10 referendum. Even a paper street (#28) confuses the reader with details regarding the other school; there’s no paper street to contemplate at the LBI School. Perhaps the terminal line in the chart (#32) confirms how much of the readers’ time has been wasted: “Projected cost savings by consolidating into one school.”

But the referendum isn’t about consolidation.

JCTA fact checkers may have been on vacation the day they sent this through the edit mill. Under the ownership topic (#13), JCTA states, “Ship Bottom owns 2.5 acres of the property.” Nope. The LBI School District owns all the property under its watch. Conversely, some things are glaring in their absence from this document for comparison purposes. One, for example, is the fair market value of each property in question.

For lack of unbiased, factual information, and in the hope that with the new board members a board of education long-term strategic plan will emerge, I’m voting no on Dec. 10.

Jim Fritz

Harvey Cedars





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