Coastal Areas Bear Brunt of Weekend Heat Wave

By Eric Englund | Jul 24, 2019

Long Beach Island — During a heat wave, many people head to the beach to seek relief. But there was no such respite from the stifling temperatures this past weekend since the hottest readings were in coastal areas, according to David Robinson, New Jersey State climatologist from Rutgers University.

“Our climate stations in Sea Girt, Point Pleasant and Seaside Heights hit 101 on Sunday,” said Robinson. “This was one of the most uncomfortable days we’ve had in the last decade.”

He said in Harvey Cedars, there was a temporary break as a sea breeze developed.

“In the early afternoon, there were readings around 95 and 96, but then the sea breeze kicked in, so for around two hours it was 83. But then by 4, it jumped up to 96. Usually, during the summer, you have a southern flow in which sea breezes can develop, but these winds were more from the northwest, and that kills the on-shore breeze. Some of our mainland climate stations hit 99 degrees, but none got to 100. Usually, you expect to be hotter inland, but that didn’t happen.”

He said coastal areas had heat indexes of around 110.

“Those areas will pick up a lot of moisture, so unless you’re right at the water’s edge, there isn’t going to be much relief,” said Robinson.

Valerie Meola, meteorologist from the National Weather Service in Mt. Holly, said it was the worst heat wave since one in July 2012, when Atlantic City hit 101, a record high for a July day.

“There were some areas with dew points in the 70s, which is very oppressive,” she said. “Fortunately, this wasn’t going to last long and we should have some comfortable weather during this week.”  —E.E.





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