Clueless Anti-Hunter

Mar 20, 2019

To the Editor:

I couldn’t even finish reading this week’s paper after reading the letter sent in by yet another clueless, paranoid anti-hunter (“Disconcerting Event,”3/13).

I am not a hunter, although growing up in northwestern Morris County and attending high school in Sussex County in the late ’70s and early ’80s I was living in an area where hunting, trapping and fishing were second nature to many of my friends and neighbors. We spent a lot of quality time exploring, camping (partying) and fishing in the seemingly endless woods, and never thought twice about it.

Back then once in a great while we heard of a black bear sighting and it was no big deal. Fast forward to about 15 years ago or so and due to the rapid growth of the bear population in the rural areas of our tiny state, New Jersey decided to hold a very limited, highly regulated hunt to keep the burgeoning numbers of bears in check. Oh the horror!

Anyone who knows anything about nature knows that bears have no natural predators so the state was trying to keep people and livestock safe from a dangerous animal that is not cute and cuddly but large and deadly if you get between a sow and her cubs. Ask the family of the hiker who was mauled and killed by a black bear if they pose no danger to humans.

In subsequent years the Corzine administration listened to the screamers and protesters and stopped the hunt, which of course anyone with a brain knew was not the right thing to do. Guess what happened?  The population exploded and bears have now been seen in all 21 counties. Brilliant.

So the Christie administration brought the hunt back and, surprise, the number of property damage and nuisance complaints dropped like a rock. But even this wasn’t good enough for the antis, who continued to peddle the fake news of artificial sterilization and “bear-proof garbage cans,” and of course the nonsense about “trophy hunters.” Give me a break.

It’s a tossup who is more annoying: the no-smoking or the no-hunting crowd. I know lots of people who hunt and fish and none of them became murderers and criminals. Please spare us the hysteria and get a clue about wildlife management in a very small state, the most densely populated in the country.

Joseph Triolo Jr.

Ship Bottom

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