Close Focused Flowers in Acrylic Class at Pine Shores Art Association

Pine Shores Art Association
94 Stafford Ave, Manahawkin, NJ 08050

Instructor:  Kimberly Cesaretti

Tuition:  $95.00 Member Tuition: $65.00

Bring out your inner hyper realist or Georgia O’Keefe! Students will learn how to create visually pleasing, realistic or stylized acrylic paintings of close-focused flowers. In this beginner class, students will get up close and personal with the beautiful flowers found in nature. Students will learn the history of flower painting and the application of principles and elements of design related to the genre. Students will be engaged in observation from life and how to use photography and phone apps as a visual tool in addition to traditional methods to aid in the design/layout of their paintings. Students will learn to master sighting techniques, underpainting/indirect versus direct methods of painting, brush techniques, value, color theory, and how to expertly mix the brilliant colors of flowers.