Blatant Fearmongering

Apr 03, 2019

To the Editor:

Republican leaders in Little Egg Harbor would have you believe that political party affiliation has virtually nothing to do with local government. That belief is absolutely false and the township committee has proven this beyond the shadow of a doubt by passing a resolution that Little Egg Harbor will never become a sanctuary city.

The subject of sanctuary cities remains a contentious and unresolved argument between conservatives and liberals and is, therefore, a “political” controversy.

Although there is no single and absolute definition of what is a sanctuary city, the most common understanding is that it is a constellation of informal and formal policies created to protect undocumented immigrants, who are not otherwise engaged in criminal activity, from being detained and deported by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) officials overreaching their authority. The term sanctuary city is not a U.S. government term nor does it have any legal meaning.

That being said, conservatives have inaccurately used this term to describe a city, county or state that limits its cooperation with federal immigration enforcement agents to protect low-priority immigrants from deportation. To vilify individuals seeking protection and asylum from conditions in their homeland that are unimaginably horrid is inhumane and racist. It inspires deeper fear and hatred on both sides in a country that is already profoundly divided.

This resolution is in no way proactive, as Little Egg Harbor faces no imminent clear and present danger of becoming a sanctuary city, yet Republicans running for township committee during the 2018 midterms used this as a platform during their campaign. This type of political posturing and the enactment of a useless resolution with absolutely no merit is blatant fearmongering. It is divisive, shameful and devoid of compassion. It is a regurgitation of the hateful rhetoric being espoused by the current administration and serves no purpose other than to compound already stressed race relations.

As Americans, we are kinder and more humane than this. Wouldn’t it be a better world if the Little Egg Harbor Township Committee could pass a resolution welcoming refugees fleeing intolerable living conditions and who are in search of a better life?

Great Bay Democratic Club


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