Beyond Call of Duty

Nov 06, 2019

To the Editor:

The Beach Haven First Aid Squad, of which I am a member and trustee, responds to approximately 1,200 calls annually. We cover 10 of the 18 miles of LBI, and our area of coverage extends from the southern border of Surf City to Holgate.

As our squad and many other volunteer first aid squads suffer from a shrinking membership and the aging of those who continue to answer calls, our dependence on the Island’s police departments grows proportionately. On countless occasions, we rely heavily on the men and women of our police departments to assist us in transporting our patients from their homes to our ambulances. Needless to say, houses are getting bigger and our patients heavier! Without the assistance of these quick responding officers, we would be hard pressed to safely administer to the needs of our patients.

Recently, our squad was dispatched to the scene of a local resident suffering a serious medical emergency that necessitated his transport to Southern Ocean Medical Center. Due to the instability of our patient and the nature of the call, Det. Daly accompanied us to ensure a safe transport. His professionalism and sincere compassion for this man was incredible.

Without a doubt, this officer’s demeanor and interaction with our patient – en route to the hospital and during his admission – made all the difference in the world. Det. Daly is to be commended for going beyond the call of duty and representing all that is good among our dedicated men and women in law enforcement.

Deborah C. Whitcraft

Beach Haven First Aid Squad

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