Beware of Plan B

Nov 27, 2019

To the Editor:

The situation in Beach Haven is deteriorating at an alarming rate. The forces of idiocy are running rampant. Engage Beach Haven (but not your common sense) is spreading disinformation as quickly as it can. Now we have ridiculous signs springing up all over town, maligning anyone who would support the Morrison’s project, particularly our elected officials who have voted in favor of the redevelopment agreement.

We elected these people to do what is best for our town, and in spite of the vitriol, tire deflating and smear tactics by the opposition, they are doing a good job. The redevelopment agreement gives the town considerable control over what is to come and ensures that the marina continues to operate as a marina. The land use board, CAFRA and the state Department of Environmental Protection will make certain that important issues such as impervious coverage, stormwater runoff and other environmental concerns will be addressed, but these folks want to carry on about these issues before they are even discussed. The project will not, and cannot, move forward without these matters being addressed by people who actually know what they are talking about.

I find it somewhat amusing that one of our council people who opposes the project gave a very impassioned speech about protecting our environment for the children at the Surflight council meeting, then tried to enact an ordinance easing the regulation about people living on their boats. The fact is that the bay waters of Beach Haven have one of the highest fecal coliform counts in this part of the state. Far too many people who live on their boats flush their toilets directly into the bay, too lazy to utilize the pump-out facilities available to them. Sadly, this doesn’t seem to concern our councilperson.

We’re also hearing a lot of noise about Plan B. Anyone with any sense knows that Plan B would most certainly be the condo-ing of the property and the marina. What else could possibly be done with the property? Do you really need to see a Plan B to know what it will be? Only if you insist on being obtuse!

Do you really think with 137 boat slips and all of the units the developer would be permitted to build, there would be less of a parking or traffic issue? If so, I have a bridge to sell you. Condos would ensure that not only the people facing Second Street would lose their views, but the folks adjacent to Pennsylvania Avenue would lose their view also. That sort of sounds like a lose-lose proposition to me, not to mention no longer having the marina available. This would surely result in the demise of the Beach Haven Charter Boat Association and Beach Haven Marlin & Tuna Club.

Unlike certain “local experts” who are running around telling people that the state would not allow the marina to be condo-ed, our mayor has actually done her homework and looked into it. The state would not, and could not, stop the marina from becoming condo-ed. Don’t believe me? Take a look at Shelter Harbor.

I hope people who are able to reason and are not drinking the Kool-Aid being passed out by Engage Beach Haven will come to their senses, sit back and let this process play out in the manner dictated by law. By all means, pay attention, give your input (we’re all entitled to our opinions), but start thinking with your heads, and not your hearts. Change is coming – it has been since I’ve lived on this island – and it is not going to stop. Either adjust to it or go find some utopia that hasn’t changed. I don’t believe such a place exists.

Jim Vogel

Beach Haven




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