Behind the ‘Beach Hunters’ LBI Episode

Home Search Ended Happily in Holgate
By MARIA SCANDALE | Jun 12, 2019
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Holgate — When LBI lovers turned on the television June 2 and saw the HGTV show “Beach Hunters” featuring their beach, they may not have been surprised, but may have wondered how it came about. This was not a case of someone knowing someone in the metropolitan media – instead, the show’s producers found top real estate agent Nathan Colmer online.

Colmer, an agent with The Van Dyk Group, had done his homework compiling an extensive website, and it was seen.

“They were searching for LBI real estate and found me – is my website, and it is literally thousands of pages of information about LBI.”

“Beach Hunters” focuses on higher-end real estate at the shore all around the country.

Said Colmer, “I was contacted by the producers of the show, who were looking to feature a home search in the area. Specifically they were looking for a home buyer who wanted views of the water. I was working with such a client, and after an interview process they decided to film the show.”

The show was filmed in Brant Beach, Beach Haven Park and Holgate, where the couple purchased the home. Filming took place last October.

A long phone interview and then a video interview preceded the decision for the crew to feature the particular real estate agent and his listings. Then for Colmer, the production aspect was a “very enjoyable” experience.

“The program was a lot of fun; it’s amazing how much work goes into a relatively short episode,” he said this week. “There were multiple crews filming at different times in different locations as we toured the properties for sale.

“It gave me a new level of appreciation for the amount of work that goes into a very popular television program.”

The Holgate house’s views of the water won over the would-be home buyers.

“The house was located on a cul-de-sac with great views,” Colmer elaborated. “It was right on the marsh and the bay. It had views from almost every angle of the house, and multiple decks to enjoy the views.

“I was happy to help my clients find a home. They know the area very well and love their location.”

— Maria Scandale

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