Beach Trash Patrol

May 22, 2019

To the Editor:

As the “best” season on LBI winds up this week, I’d like to leave a thought with those of you who are here during this season – between Labor Day and Memorial Day.

I’m sure some of The SandPaper readers like to take walks on the beach during the best season, like I do. This year, as I walked the beach and took in all the beautiful sights, sounds and smells, my eyes came to focus on a sight that isn’t so pretty. Every few strides on the beach, you will find the ugly effects of careless human wastefulness. In the sand are all sorts of plastic waste: bottles, caps, chip bags, balloons returned to earth (lots of them) and various bits of other waste including some from construction projects. All of it casts an ugly pall on our beautiful beaches.

I suppose you can just ignore this and look down the beach as you walk, but I chose to take action. I have taken up a new “hobby” on my walks, collecting beach trash. I gather up as much as I can carry and dispose of it in a proper receptacle. Last week as I walked off the beach with my arms full of trash, a woman walking her dog saw me and said “good for you!” It made me think to write this letter.

As I cover my small section of the Island, I think about how bad this problem is over the 18 miles of this fine island. Imagine how much better the beach would look if we all did some cleanup during our walks. (To those who do this already, thank you.) Every high tide, the ocean brings us more human trash. Think about it, this new kind of beach patrol can make a big impact.

Very soon, the good people of our towns will be driving their tractor-pulled beach rakes, so you will see less trash. But when September is here again, I hope those of you still around will take up my new hobby.

Brian Bender

The Dunes


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