Beach Haven’s Christa Steiner a Finalist in Miss New Jersey Competition

By RICK MELLERUP | Jun 19, 2019
Supplied Photo Christa Steiner

Beach Haven — Beach Haven’s Christa Steiner certainly had an exciting week during the 2019 Miss New Jersey Competition held at the Resorts Casino Hotel’s Superstar Theatre.

On Thursday, the second night of preliminary competitions, Steiner won the onstage interview component of the competition. The judges asked her what legislation she would want her local representatives in Trenton to sponsor and/or pass. She responded she would like them to push a bill promoting arts funding and explained why, which ties in nicely with her social impact initiative, ART for SMART, which promotes arts education.

This year’s Miss New Jersey Competition’s preliminaries split the 28 contestants into two groups, with 14 engaging in the onstage interview competition the first evening while the other 14 showed off their talent. On the second night the roles were reversed.

Steiner, who earned her way into the Miss New Jersey Competition by being crowned Miss Coastal Shore earlier this year, sang “Vanilla Ice Cream,” a song from the 1963 Broadway musical “She Loves Me” on Wednesday. That was a rather fitting choice of music considering Steiner is the manager of the Show Place Ice Cream Parlour when she’s not attending the Manhattan School of Music.

The points associated with winning the onstage interview competition – worth 15 percent of contestants’ total preliminary score – helped push Steiner into the group of 10 finalists (along with one audience choice pick) who competed on Saturday, the concluding night of the competition.

Note this year’s affair was called a competition instead of a pageant. That’s because the Miss America Organization has disowned the word pageant after dumping the swimsuit portion of the competition, which started in 1921 as a “bathing beauty review.”

As former chair of the board of trustees (and 1989 Miss America) Gretchen Carlson said when the change was announced, “We are no longer a pageant. Miss America will represent a new generation of female leaders focused on scholarship, social impact, talent, and empowerment. We’re experiencing a cultural revolution in our country with women finding the courage to stand up and have their voices heard on many issues. Miss America is proud to evolve as an organization and join this empowerment movement.”

Jade Glab of Belmar was crowned Miss New Jersey 2019 on Saturday night. She’ll represent the Garden State in the 2020 Miss America Competition. Where (probably in Atlantic City but not in Boardwalk Hall) and when (likely in January instead of September) remain undetermined.

Steiner, 21, who competed in her second Miss New Jersey Competition, can get more chances at the state title, if she chooses, through the age of 25.  —R.M.


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