Beach Haven Native a Top Naval Engineer

By Eric Englund | Jul 17, 2019
Source: New Jersey Maritime Museum Anne Fullerton is pictured here receiving the Dr. Delores M. Etter Award for being a top individual (civilian) scientist for the U.S. Navy. She is flanked by Allison Stiller (left), the assistant secretary of the Navy for R&D, and Delores Etter (right), for whom the award is named.

Beach Haven — Growing up in Beach Haven, it was easy for Anne Pence Fullerton to develop a fascination with the ocean, ships and boats. But she parlayed that interest into a civil engineering position with the U.S. Navy, and was recently recognized as being one of the best and brightest when she received an Etter Award.

The award is named after former assistant secretary of the Navy, Research, Development and Acquisition, Delores M. Etter, who oversaw the ceremony in the Pentagon auditorium where Fullerton and 41 other top engineers and scientists were recognized.

According to a Naval Sea Systems Command website, the Etter Award is presented annually in June to scientists and engineers “who have clearly demonstrated a superior accomplishment that is technically outstanding and highly beneficial operationally to the Department of the Navy, Department of Defense and national defense.”

“The selection process is highly competitive and each submission impressively demonstrated high levels of professionalism and scientific and engineering achievement,” the site said.

A 1995 graduate of Southern Regional High School, Fullerton said she was honored for achievements in ship building and design. Due to federal government protocols, she could not go into specific details on what her work entailed.

“But to be recognized this way means very much to me, to be included among the best in the field,” she said.

After graduating Southern, Fullerton continued her education at Webb Institute, an engineering college on Long Island where she received a degree in ship design. Then she went on to earn both a master’s degree and doctorate in ocean engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken.

“In ocean engineering, you study beach replenishment, breakwater projects and estuaries among other areas,” she said. “That all helped prepare me for what I am doing today.”

Fullerton joined the Navy as a civil engineer in 2005.

The New Jersey Maritime Museum in Beach Haven posted a congratulatory message. “We could not be more proud of you and your work supporting the U.S. Navy!” it read.  —E.E.





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