Beach Haven Must Grow

Sep 04, 2019

To the Editor:

In the letter “Motive Questioned” (7/31), John Harvey questioned me about my motive in supporting the Morrison’s project.

I personally have volunteered as a member of Island fire companies, and the Beach Haven First Aid Squad for 42 years. My wife served on the Beach Haven Commission for 10 years, eight of which she was mayor. She has also been a volunteer EMT for the Beach Haven First Aid Squad for close to 20 years. Together we have built a maritime museum that not only benefits Beach Haven residents and visitors, but is free to all.

Projects at Tuckers, Station 117, the Victoria Rose, The Black Whale, Parker’s, Bird & Betty’s, and now Morrison’s have had our support, not because of any personal gain, but because we truly believe them to be beneficial to Beach Haven. If we do not grow, and offer our visitors the activities and services they expect, we shall fall behind other shore communities, wither and die.

John Harvey has been nothing more than a source of divisiveness since he decided to get involved in the borough’s business.

We’re being asked to believe that the major opposition to the Morrison’s project concerns ecological, traffic and parking issues. I’m not an authority on ecological issues, but as far as I know, Mr. Vernon has addressed them. Traffic in the area is heavy and the hotel will not help, but it’s hardly going to create the impact that we already suffer on certain nights of the week. Mr. Vernon proposes over 100 more parking spaces than required, and intends to shuttle much of his help from the mainland.

Among a few other issues raised on Facebook is whether boat owners will continue to be allowed to reside on their boats. The person asking the question is obviously not aware that Beach Haven has an ordinance prohibiting people from living on their boats, mainly because of the environmental impact. Loading zones are also in question, but that doesn’t seem to currently be an issue, as none of the local businesses have them. We’re also to question if our police force will be expanded to deal with this project, yet I’ve counted as many as seven officers on duty trying to keep order in this area on a Sunday night.

Finally, we’re being led to believe that if the project is moved to Pennsylvania Avenue, all of these issues will magically disappear. Those on Second Street and Dock Road will joyfully celebrate, while those on Third Street will suffer the horrible fate that their neighbors have avoided.

We strongly support this proposed project and feel that its benefits to Beach Haven will greatly overshadow any of the issues that are being raised by those who oppose it.

James C. Vogel

Beach Haven


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