Beach Haven Garbage Pickup Policy Could Get Tweaked

By Eric Englund | Jul 10, 2019

Beach Haven — When Beach Haven began its automated trash/recycling pickup in May, borough officials anticipated the possibility of it being tweaked. Some suggestions were raised during the public portion of Monday’s borough council meeting.

At the onset, the borough provided homeowners one trash receptacle and one recycling container free of charge, with residents having a choice of a 65- or 95-gallon size. Residents are responsible for rolling the cans to the curb, as opposed to the former policy of public works employees gathering and carrying receptacles from sides and rears of homes.

Once at the curb, public works employees roll the receptacles to a tipper fitted in the rear of the truck. The device lifts the containers and empties the contents.

Resident Lee Neuwerth-Conlan, who with her husband Joe had previously raised issues with the borough, said the intent of the ordinance was to “improve the esthetics of our beautiful town and to protect the public works personnel from injury.”

She said while the ordinance as written works well for some homeowners, it is problematic for others. Conlan said a main area of concern is that the ordinance outlawed trash corrals at the front of the homes, and instead people had to tear them down and move them to the side or the rear of the property.

“My husband and I had proposed a compromise where the town can give homeowners the option to follow the ordinance or continue to use modified corrals (at the front) and have public works collect cans from the corrals and return cans to the corrals,” said Conlan. “This could be very helpful for people who have difficulty rolling the cans to the front.”

Conlan said officials are giving their proposal serious consideration. Mayor Nancy Taggart Davis indicated that compromises on the trash corrals could be possible.

“We are very pleased with the responsiveness of the council,” Conlan said.

Another resident, Joseph Hays, said he had “never seen a more ill-conceived idea than the current trash can policy.”

“I am a resident that comes down for the weekends,” he said. “On Sunday night I bring my trash cans to the curb, and there they sit for several days. As I drive out of town I see many houses doing the same.”

He said cans sitting out in front for days “is ugly and messy to look at.”

“They thought getting rid of the corrals out in front would help beautify town, but now you have trash cans sitting there instead and that doesn’t look good at all.”

He said renters may forget to put cans out at the curb, resulting in trash decomposing for another week in hot summer weather.

“My neighbors and I believe that this policy needs to change,” Hays said.

— Eric Englund

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