Beach Haven Amends Regulations on Houseboats

By Eric Englund | Dec 11, 2019

Beach Haven — An ordinance introduced by the Beach Haven Borough Council Monday amends regulations concerning houseboats.

The ordinance notes that in August 1971, the borough adopted an ordinance which made it “unlawful to anchor, tie up or permit to remain for more than 24 hours any houseboat or other boat that is occupied or used as a dwelling place or as a living quarters for one or more persons.”

However, the new ordinance will permit individuals to remain overnight on permitted vessels under certain conditions, such as being moored at a bona fide marina.

For example, the vessel must be moored in compliance with all applicable permit conditions imposed on the marina as well as state and federal laws. The vessel also has to be equipped with one of the following: an operable U/S. Coast Guard-certified marine sanitation device, a self-contained portable toilet or other on-board portable sewage system that prevents overboard discharge of treated or untreated excrement or a legal connection to a permitted public sewer system.

In addition, the vessel must be primarily owner occupied and cannot obstruct navigation.

“It is the intent of this section (of the ordinance) to permit owners and their guests to remain overnight in the owner’s vessel, but that such vessel cannot be used for commercial leasing or rental purposes.”

A public hearing on the ordinance is scheduled for the final meeting of the year on Monday, Dec. 30, 4 p.m.  —E.E.

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