Barnegat School Board Contracts Out Substitute Teacher Hiring to Insight

Oct 02, 2019

The Barnegat Township School District recently partnered with Insight, a Cherry Hill-based educational staffing company, for managing its substitute teachers program. District Superintendent Brian Latwis said all those who were hired prior to the arrangement agreed upon last month will not have to reapply, but in order to continue to work in the district, substitutes will have to be an employee of Insight. While current subs are under no obligation to join Insight, they will not be able to work as subs following Oct. 15 if they do not opt in.

Latwis said the move could result in the district saving approximately $100,000 a year. For example, he said long-term-leave replacements qualify for the same benefit package and salary as a step one teacher. Through Insight, “those costs would be through them, not the district,“ he said. “In addition, the district would not be responsible for pension, health benefits, DCRP, employer taxes, general liability and workers comp contributions. All results in a savings to the district.”

Latwis said the district began the year with 60 subs in the fold. He would like the number to be more around 100.

“Sometimes because of a lack of available subs, we’ve had to pull some special education and basic skills (personnel) out of their classrooms to fill a vacancy in the classroom,” he said. “That is not a situation that we want to be in because it hurts other kids.”

According to its website, Insight has partnered with 50 school districts throughout the state. Barnegat and Brick townships are the only school systems using them in Ocean County.

Latwis said a major appeal in partnering with Insight was the company’s recruiting efforts.

“Having them dedicate resources solely to build our pool of available subs is far likelier to lead to positive results in our attempt to cover teacher absences than what we are capable of doing on the district level.”

Scott Sarno, board of education president, said other districts are in similar situations.

“The unemployment figures have improved,” he said. “With less people out of work, it’s going to be harder to find available subs. A lot of districts work with Insight, so hopefully it will work well with us.”

— Eric Englund

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