Bambi Battle

By DOUG MUTZ | Apr 24, 2019

To the Editor:

And yet another hunt response (“Yet Another Hunt,” 4/17) – the Sierra Club loves a Bambi battle, anthropomorphism allied in favor of SALC (Saving All Living Critters) Talks.

Hmm. Save all squirrels from death, especially at the hands of humans. At the risk of myself being skewered, I will wonder, aloud, if such fervor also surrounds any SAR (Save All Rats) Talks since the scurrying little relatives of “Ben,” himself overlooked for an Oscar, are very close cousins of the furry-tail, tree-climbing rodents of Black Plague fame. And how about Jerry of Saturday morning TV time making a career out of harassing Tom?

For decades I have wished that I could see the fervor reserved for all animals at least partially redirected to serving the sick and starving children populating our planet, even though I hear we are running out of time, with only 12 years left, according to that Green Deal. Maybe we all just ought to party some more, especially with summer on its way to the Jersey Shore and less than a dozen years left! Hey, there’s still time, brother (and sister, to be PC), to enjoy ourselves on the beach.

Where have you gone, George Carlin? Our nation turns its lonely ears to you. And I, for one, sure miss your point of view (with my apologies to Paul Simon).

Doug Mutz Sr.

Pittstown, N.J., and Beach Haven


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