Balloon Threat

Apr 03, 2019

To the Editor:

Now that the weather is warming up, I’ve noticed a lot more activity in the real estate market with open houses on Sunday. I’ve also noticed the amount of balloons tied to each of their signs on the corners of the Boulevard. Just in Harvey Cedars alone, I saw more than 20 balloons.

Balloons are a serious threat to wildlife simply because they are colorful and are mistaken for food. The strings can wrap around the bodies of marine creatures, making it difficult to swim and breathe. I’ve read that one out of five seabirds die as a result of ingesting balloons. They are a nuisance to the environment and marine animals. 

Anyone who walks along the beach or goes out on boats has seen that balloons are now common in the local marine ecosystem.

Take care of the planet and all that live on it.

P. Derose

Harvey Cedars


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