Bagel Delivery on Weekends? Yes

By PAT JOHNSON | Jun 12, 2019
Photo by: Pat Johnson Amanda and Stephen Shears started a bagel and breakfast delivery service based on their real-life experience of mornings at the LBI shore.

Beach Haven West — The day breaks sunny and warm and the bed sheets and pillows feel so good. Your significant other yawns and you hear the kids start to stir. Into your fluffy bunny slippers and robe you go to stumble toward your first cup of coffee.

A “ping” on your phone directs you to the door where a package of bagels, muffins, danishes, cream cheese and juice is waiting on your doorstep.

The kids run down the steps, hungry. No problem – you ordered the breakfast the night before. Sit down, everyone, and eat. The day’s decisions have yet to be made.

This is the ideal morning on the shore as Amanda and Stephen Shears imagine it. They want to make it happen for you, too. The young couple have devised a business, Jersey Bagels 2U, that fits in nicely with their own plan for the summer: get up early, deliver breakfast treats to homes in Beach Haven West and on Long Beach Island, then have the afternoons to spend with family.

As Amanda described it, their business model happened organically from memories she and Stephen share. They both grew up basking in an Island summer, Amanda in Beach Haven West and Stephen in Barnegat Light, where their parents still have summer homes.

“We were down here in February and we were driving the Island to Holgate,” said Amanda. “We were talking about our summers and how my dad used to joke about how well someone would do delivering bagels by bike throughout the neighborhood. Dad said, ‘Someone should make that a business!’”

“That day we registered our business,” said Stephen.

They were able to buy a domain name,, and launched an easy-to-follow web page. The basics are: before 3 p.m. the day before delivery, go to the website, select from the menu and select a window of time for the bagels to be delivered. The earliest is 7:30 a.m., and the latest they deliver is 9:30.

Pay for it and Amanda and Stephen take it from there. They package the order, select their routes, and each sets off in either direction on the Island. Customers decide how they want to be notified of their delivery, by a knock on the door, a ring of the bell or text. They will leave the package by whatever door you indicate. And that’s it.

They already did a trial run on the busiest of weekends, over Memorial Day, by posting on local Facebook groups. They had 30 customers for their first trial and hope to build a customer base through word of mouth.

The bagels are from Anthony and Sons Bakery in North Jersey. “We both grew up in Denville, where their main bakery is located,” said Amanda. “We selected them for their quality. They were our first choice because we know them; they’re the best.”

On the menu, the price range goes from a minimum of $10.50 to “The Crowd Pleaser” – 18 bagels, 12 pastries, two 8-ounce spreads (butter or cream cheese) and two 64-ounce juices for $61.99.  But there are plenty of price points in between, and you can choose from 13 different types of bagels, a variety of muffins and danish, and between cream cheese or butter and cranberry or orange juice.

For now, they don’t plan on adding any employees, but they both have families at the shore who can jump in if they get tons of orders.

They just got their first van detailed with their logo, a van with bagels for wheel, at Typestries Sign and Digital. They have their T-shirts with their logos, and they have their goal in mind – to make the venture a success.

It’s not as if they need the work. During the week, Amanda is an occupational therapist, and Stephen owns his own landscape company, so the Jersey Bagels 2 U business runs only Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Such young go-getters you may think (Amanda is 24 and Stephen 26), but it runs in the family. Amanda’s father has his own tree service and her mother helps manage the office. Stephen’s father is a contractor, and his mother is a nurse administrator at RWJ Barnabas Hospital.

“We’ve always set goals for ourselves,” said Amanda. “It’s a challenge; we like to constantly improve ourselves.”

“We work well together,” added Stephen, “And we’re both perfectionists,” said Amanda.

On their trial run they learned to change the hour increment for delivery to a window of time, just so they don’t disappoint anyone.

But the reaction has been good, said Amanda. “Nine times out of 10, our customers have said, ‘Wow, this is such a good idea!’”

— Pat Johnson

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