Bad for Beach Haven

May 15, 2019

To Beach Haven Mayor and Council:

Regarding the proposal for a hotel at the Morrison’s site, why on earth would you even consider this monstrosity for Beach Haven? What are you trying to do to Beach Haven?

It can’t be for tax purposes. If you are concerned about taxes you should be pursuing the obscene school tax inequality and not a plan that would destroy neighborhoods.

I’ve heard it said the project would be good for businesses, which several locals have said is not true – they use off-Island vendors anyway. When are you going to put the residents first?

I am really disappointed that you and many others have fallen for the old sales trick: It’s not whether you want it or not, but how do you want to pay for it – in full or installments?

Here we have the question: Do you want two stories or three stories? No, that’s not the choice. The choice is: Do you want it or not?

I am sure the good people of Seaside Heights when they started to lower their standards did not realize what was to happen to their once pleasant town. Little by little, Beach Haven is being destroyed. Please respect the residents and put a stop to this madness.

Vic Fadini

Washington Township, N.J., and Beach Haven


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