Back to Drawing Board

Nov 27, 2019

To the Editor:

Before intelligent voters can make an informed decision to approve the proposed LBI school board referendum for $7.68 million in tax dollars to support long-term structural improvements and repairs to an old school, we need to know what the long-term plan is, not only for old school but for the other, newer school in the district.

We must also consider the young LBI learners whose worlds expand daily, thanks to the amazing programming that takes place inside (and outside!) these two structures. Are we asked to approve this extraordinary influx of cash because the next move by the school board will be to consolidate the students into the then “newly refurbished” LBI School? Or is the board’s true “back door” strategy to eventually keep two schools? Hmmm.

Logic dictates that we oppose the referendum and insist that the board return to the drawing board and create a long-term strategic plan for the efficient and effective operation of our LBI Consolidated School District.

By voting no on Dec. 10, we’re telling the board to create and make public a sensible long-term plan that supports its request for millions more of our tax dollars and supports the reason this conversation is taking place at all – LBI’s children and their promising future.

Marisa A. Taormina

Basking Ridge, N.J., and Long Beach Township

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