Automated Trash/Recycling Starting in Beach Haven on May 6

By ERIC ENGLUND | Apr 24, 2019
Photo by: Jack Reynolds

Beach Haven — Beginning on Wednesday, April 24, Beach Haven homeowners will start receiving receptacles for the automated garbage and recycling pickup, which goes into effect on Monday, May 6. Truckloads of the new receptacles were brought into the public works yard on April 22 as employees organized and assembled them for delivery. All residents are expected to have the cans by Friday, May 3.

The new system was authorized in an ordinance adopted by the borough council earlier in the year. Last Thursday, several borough officials were on hand for an information session on the new system at the public library. Borough Manager Sherry Mason said one solid waste receptacle and one recycling receptacle will be provided to homeowners free of charge, and they have a choice of either a 65- or 95-gallon bin. Any additional cans will cost $50 for a 65-gallon receptacle and $55 for a 95-gallon container.

She said each can is microchipped and inventoried by the public works department. Cans are assigned to each address and must remain with the property.

Mason said the trucks will not have hydraulic arms, which would run into problems with overhead wires.

“They are equipped with a tipper in the rear of the vehicle,” she said. “Public works employees will roll the receptacles to the back of the truck instead of carrying them. A tipper lifts the can and empties the contents.”

Residents will be responsible for rolling the cans to the curb, which was a matter of concern to some homeowners due to physical limitations. Jackie Fife, public works secretary, said the receptacles have rubber wheels, which make them easy to maneuver.

“But we will assist those homeowners who have physical limitations,” she said.

Homeowners who come down for just weekends during the summer asked how the new move would affect them. Chris Carson, public works superintendent, said there would be no problem putting the receptacles at the curb before leaving Sunday night.

Some were concerned that renters might not bother to roll the cans to the curb, prompting Mayor Nancy Taggart Davis to say, “It’s not like they are staying in a hotel where everything is provided for them. They have to follow the rules just like the homeowners do.”

She said that hopefully, renters will be fully informed of their responsibilities by the homeowners.

Residents with questions may call public works at 609-492-2525.

“I’m sure there will be calls because this is something new,” said Davis. “Hopefully, this will go smoothly, but there’s always the possibility of some problems popping up.”

— Eric Englund

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