At a Disadvantage

Feb 20, 2019

To the Editor:

I am writing in response to the article written by Maria Scandale, “Seasonal Businesses Have Until Year 2026 to Pay $15 Minimum” (2/6).

Though the article was well written, there was no light shed on the following subject regarding this matter.

I understand that increasing minimum wage in our state is probably necessary and will help many in different ways and hurt others along the way. What bothers me is that employees who have worked faithfully at their jobs for years without a decent increase in pay will not benefit from the five-year increase plan. Those who have years invested in a company will be working for the same wage as someone who enters the door at the newly elevated minimum wage. That more than likely will be me. How is that fair?

I doubt companies, small or large, will increase incomes of devoted established employees beyond the new minimum wage. I suppose many people will find themselves happy to have a job and just accept the situation if they are unable to change it.

Rosemarie Biondo

Stafford Township


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