Anti-Vaping Measure, Curfew Change Adopted in Barnegat

Mar 13, 2019

Two ordinances adopted by the Barnegat Township Committee on March 5 are aimed at juveniles. The first ordinance bans the use, sale and possession of electronic smoking, or vaping devices, by individuals younger than 18 in public places. The tobacco products ordinance is amended with a new definition for “electronic smoking devices,” which is now termed as a device “that can be used to define nicotine, cannabis or other substances to the person inhaling from that device including, but not limited to, an electronic cigarette, cigar, cigarillo or pipe.”

“I’ve been working hard with the school district and the superintendent, and I think this will give them some teeth to take care of this problem they’ve been having with kids vaping in school ,” said Mayor Alfonso Cirulli. “Clearly, they don’t belong in our schools.”

District Superintendent Brian Latwis said one of his biggest concerns is what the students are inhaling.

“They could be putting marijuana or other drugs in them,” said Latwis. “It’s not just a problem here, but in many other high schools. It’s something that has been on a lot of school administrators’ minds.”

The committee also adopted an ordinance lowering the curfew for minors from 11 p.m. to 10 p.m. The measure had been recommended late last year by Cirulli, who was deputy mayor at the time.

Cirulli said the idea was suggested by a resident at a town-wide Neighborhood Watch forum last year at the Lillian M. Dunfee Elementary School. He said people were complaining about vandalism, and someone thought lowering the curfew from 11 to 10 would help.

“This is aimed mostly at kids hanging out late at night,” he said. “That’s when these kinds of problems start. We gave it a lot of thought, and I think what we have here is fair to everyone. It’s not going to affect kids who work in the evening.” E.E. 

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