Anderson Insurance Agency Chooses McMahon Agency Inc. as Next Owner

Sale Pending for Late October
By Maria Scandale | Oct 02, 2019
Photos by: Jack Reynolds/Supplied Photo Dan Taylor (left) and Andy Anderson (right)

Manahawkin — Anderson Insurance Agency changes hands to another family-operated company in a sale scheduled for the end of October. The buyer, the McMahon Agency Inc., of Ocean City, N.J., pledges to run the business with the same service ideals as its predecessor.

The Manahawkin-based Anderson Insurance Agency observed 50 years in business in 2017. The commercial and residential insurer is a separate entity from the G. Anderson Agency, which will not be affected by the sale.

“We wanted to see this agency perpetuated in the fashion that we have been running it,” said AIA co-principal Andrew H. (“Andy”) Anderson, “and we’re confident that the McMahon family will run this business in the same fashion that we have.”

Clients received a letter in the mail from Anderson and co-principal Daniel J. Taylor Sept. 5 announcing an agreement of sale had been signed with the McMahon Agency.

“I think the emphasis on this transaction is that our customers and our employees will continue to work together,” Anderson said in a SandPaper interview. “The employees will be at the same location; the only thing that really changes is the administration of the agency.”

An important point is that the G. Anderson Agency real estate firm is not part of the sale. Business there will continue as is, Taylor clarified.

“G. Anderson Agency is not going anywhere; the real estate business is staying; it’s just the insurance,” said Taylor, who is the broker of record for the G. Anderson Agency. The two entities are separate companies.

“We sent an email out to brokers that the G. Anderson Agency is not sold and is not for sale,” Taylor said. “There are some rumors that it is going to be sold, and that is not the case.”

William J. McMahon III, president of the McMahon Agency, sent The SandPaper the following statement when asked to informally introduce the company to its prospective clients.

“The McMahon Agency is a second-generation agency with five siblings working in the business and, yes, we all get along. We have offices from Ocean City to Cape May. Over the past 10 years we have worked closely with Anderson as friendly competitors. Because of our locations we faced similar challenges and worked together to address them.

“Our plan is to continue the high standards of customer service and integrity that Anderson Agency has set. We look forward to working with the staff and community. While we will be new to the Long Beach Island area, we are very familiar with insuring the coast. When talking to our companies and letting them know our plans, we heard ‘a perfect match’ on more than one occasion.”

Good words of recommendation come from the executive director of the Ocean City Chamber of Commerce, Michele Gillian. Gillian said the McMahon family and the agency have been an integral part of Ocean City and Cape May County, and the Long Beach Island area is fortunate to receive the community partner.

“Since they were founded, almost 40 years ago, they have been pillars of support for Ocean City and its surrounding area,” Gillian said. “Their customer service is second to none while their community involvement goes above and beyond.”

Anderson and Taylor told clients in their letter, “In selecting the McMahon Agency, we focused on the similarities in how they manage their business,” along with similar demographics. “Just as importantly, we know that the McMahon Agency will offer the same level of commitment and service. They have an outstanding reputation in the insurance industry and their community, having been in business since 1922.”

Anderson said they have known the McMahon family for over 20 years. They have worked together on industry committees, such as the Professional Insurance Agents Association.

Anderson and Taylor will remain “in an active advisory role for a period of time,” their letter to clients said, “working closely with the McMahon Agency to ensure a smooth transition and continuity of service.”

“I will physically be here in the office for a couple of months after the transaction,” Anderson added to The SandPaper, “and then I will consult with them as certain policies come up for renewal. I will work with them to transition my knowledge of the accounts to them. A lot of our employees already have that level of knowledge.”

Anderson said some of the employees have been with his company for as long as 30 years, and the longevity of many employees should help smooth the transition.

Anderson is in his 48th year at the business, and Taylor is in his 47th year. Of his retirement, Anderson said, “I’m going to spend more time doing everything except work.”

Taylor told The SandPaper that an insurance company executive he was talking to said, “You couldn’t have picked a better company to buy it.”

“Andy’s father (Allan "Gil" Anderson) started it, and he and I bought him out and took it over,” Taylor outlined. “It’s comforting to know that an agency like this is taking it over; we have the same methods.”

One customer asked Taylor, “What will this mean to me?”

“I said, ‘The agency buying it is just like us; you probably won’t notice a difference,’” he related.

Good news: Donations to the community will continue, according to plans.

“They have already seen all of the local organizations that we contribute our time and resources to, and they agreed to continue that same level of participation, be it time or financial support,” said Anderson.

The phone number will not change, 609-597-8507. The office is located at 295 Route 72 East.

“Their success is my success,” Anderson said. “A lot of the agencies get sold to large conglomerates, and they don’t run the insurance agency the same way that a local family does. We wanted to see this perpetuate with family ties, family interests and family values.”

— Maria Scandale

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