All About Performance

May 22, 2019

To the Editor:

As a private citizen and voter during the last 60 years, I can tell readers that after watching what the other side has done to a duly elected president, be on notice. It’s been all about “performance,” and I do not refer to this president’s responses to the many verbal attacks that never appear to end. Can anyone believe a person who has been attacked with such constant negative press cannot respond?

Most of the national press has been negative, while the facts go as follows:

  • The national economy is strong. Average hourly wages are up 3.2 percent, higher than that under former presidents. Five million new jobs have been added, thanks to the jobs act and tax cuts on all business owners.
  • President Trump signed the First Step Act that reforms our broken criminal justice system.
  • He pulled out of the Obama Iran nuclear weapon deal.
  • NATO, after taking us the poorhouse, is now paying more of its share for defense, millions of dollars we have been paying way too long.
  • We now have two Supreme Court justices who will follow the Constitution as it was written, and not inject their own political views.
  • We have seated 85 new federal judges and an all-time record of 30 circuit judges.
  • Since President Trump took office, nearly four million people have dropped off the food stamps program, a good sign as they appear to have taken advantage of the current jobs trend.
  • The unemployment rate for our country’s Hispanics has reached an all-time low. The same data results for African Americans and women have also produced an unprecedented low rate.
  • President Trump has been fighting for an immigration system that will protect our southern border, and in that process is actually benefiting those who came here legally through laws approved by both parties in the past.

Although Trump has tried to work with Congress, those on the other side of the aisle continue to press for his removal. They claim that our new attorney general is a lackey to the president, expecting the public to believe they have a basis for impeachment. They are wasting our tax-paid money.

I cannot wait for the 2020 election. The opposition party now wants all prison inmates to vote, another nail in their electoral coffin.

Sal Sorce



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