Acts of Kindness

Oct 09, 2019

To the Editor:

Last week, I lost my wallet on Barnegat Avenue somewhere in the area of First Street to North Sixth Street. The very first person who found it, apparently, took the very meager amount of money and two cards in it and then discarded the still slightly filled wallet on the ground (a dog walker on the grass median?).

Afterward, two other people found other discarded medical cards, and one returned such to the Surf City Police Department, which called me to retrieve, while the other took the time to Google my name and return another card to my home mailbox.

To these two very kind and thoughtful residents, I wish to thank you very much for your action. As it is now almost mid-October, apparently, it is reasonably safe to say these are homeowners and permanent residents in Surf City, as well as that first person who helped him/herself to the measly couple of bucks. To that person, I do hope your enjoyed your free sandwich and coffee at Wawa.

And finally I wish to also thank the Surf City police for extending both their time and courtesies in helping to get my personal belongings back to me. Always a good feeling!

Peter Incardone

Surf City

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