Abandoned Buildings Theme of Photo Display at Barnegat Library

Apr 03, 2019

The Barnegat branch of the Ocean County Library will host a black and white photography exhibit by Ryan Marchese throughout the month of April. The pieces in this exhibition examine the aftermath of a location once its inhabitants have abandoned it. In some cases, the structures are reclaimed by nature, its vines and branches stretching out and in, making it a part of the earth once again. Other buildings fall victim to acts of destruction, littered with garbage and graffiti. Others remain intact, every object still in its place, decaying until someone new comes along to give it purpose again.

“Exploring abandoned locations gives rise to a feeling of discovery that I love,” said Marchese. “It grants a chance to learn about that destination: what it was, who inhabited it, and who has since been there. I hope that these images engage you, the viewer, in a way that gives you a sense of what it’s like to be left behind.”

For more information, call the branch at 609-698-3331. E.E.


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