Misleading Ad

Nov 13, 2019

To the Editor:

If you believe the drivel peddled as truth that appeared in a political ad on page 27 of the The SandPaper (10/30), I have a bridge in Brooklyn that I’d be interested in selling you.

$500,000 income for Choice students who attend schools in the LBI Consolidated School District? Page 27 left out the rest of the equation. Our average cost per pupil in the district is $33,026. The state reimburses the school district $12,500 per Choice student per year (that’s where the $500K number came from). The gap is $20,526. Who fills the gap?

Another fact missing from the ad: Tax revenue collected from LBI taxpayers makes up the difference because parents from towns off the Island who send their children here as part of Choice pay school taxes where they live, not where they send their children to school.

Regarding the Ethel Jacobsen School, “Giving First Right of Refusal to Surf City – Selling the Building & Land for Pennies on the Dollar”: What is this ad talking about? Part of the school property is in Ship Bottom and part is in Surf City. Ship Bottom owns 2.5 acres of the property and here are the facts about the Surf City part: The EJ School was deeded to the school district in 1962 with the caveat that once the property was no longer “used for school purposes, the Borough of Surf City shall have the option to repurchase the land for a sum equal to the sale price paid to the borough by the Board of Education, plus interest thereon at the rate of 4 percent annum from the date hereof,” according to the 1962 deed.

Based on that formula in the deed and using simple interest, the sale price would be approximately $115,000 vs. a compound interest formula of $350,000. Whether that formula was a wise thing to include when the deal was crafted in 1962 is the part you could argue about, but there is no argument that Surf City has had a clear right since 1962 when the original deal was sealed to buy back the land when the school ceases to be a school.

Students and staff will not fit in the LBI School? I don’t get the math. Enrollment at the LBI School in 2000 – just that school, not the whole district – was 300 students. Currently in the entire school district enrollment is 223. The LBI School has not shrunk; no portions of the school have been closed off, so why won’t the current number of students fit into a structure that once held 77 more?

Here is my message to those responsible for the ad: For you to choose to so blatantly mislead voters should be a crime.

Ella Throop



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