Now ‘Greener’ Tattoos at 777

Artists Making Strides Toward Sustainability
By Victoria Ford | Nov 20, 2019
Photo by: Jack Reynolds

Stafford Township — At 777 Tattoos, with locations in Manahawkin and Tuckerton, staying on the cutting edge has always been a priority – in terms of not only technology but, increasingly, also sustainable practices. By switching to certain more earth-friendly products, Ty and Robyn Pallotta estimate the shop has reduced its plastic use by 85 percent so far, and they are always looking for ways to reduce it further.

Given the nature of their profession, Robyn Pallotta explained, “We use a lot of plastic, as most medical facilities do. The plastic disposables are also not recyclable, so they are going straight to the landfill or ocean.

“To make an effort to help make things ‘green,’” she said, “I use waterproof paper bags for my water bottles and switched away from regular poly bags. The ink caps are now biodegradable cardboard. Our disposable tubes are made from natural materials, stainless steel and cork instead of plastic. We also have a separate recycling bin in our copy room for used paper.”

The only plastic items for which they haven’t yet found suitable replacements, she said, are the clip cord covers and the plastic protectors that come pre-packed with the sterilized single-use needles.

Ink with an environmental conscience – with apologies to Shakespeare, now you can screw both your courage, and your principles to the sticking-place. —V.F.

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