Walking the Walk and Heeding the Talk … for Now


I went for a drive to the park with my family. I asked myself questions I never thought I’d ask myself. Should I have my window open in the car? What if that guy in front of me spits out his window? What if the guy in the car passing by with his window open sneezes? What about that lady […]

This Is No Time to Abandon the Beach; Ticks Are Popping Up Faster Than Daffodils

The Fish Story

BEACHBORNE HEALTH: I hate change beyond the average soul; therefore, these are insanely trying times for me. Face it: For the moment, everything in the world has changed. In fact, there are many who feel we will never get back to pre-COVID life. Most will able to cope far better than some of us change-ophobes. Despite the times changin’ beyond […]

Managing Pandemic Anxiety on LBI: Professional Advice


The coronavirus (COVID-19) is a pandemic. It is present, powerful and persistent. It’s also on beautiful Long Beach Island, as well as elsewhere. Stress, fear and anxiety are the scary triplets of these times of uncertainty. Let’s consider what this fear-reality looks like to our brains; how it makes our bodies feel; and the way it affects our emotions and […]

Ship Bottom Family Battles Coronavirus, Demands Testing

90-Year-Old Matriarch Discharged From Hospital But ‘a Long Way From OK’

Little did reporter Alice Stockton-Rossini know when she began covering the coronovirus outbreak in New York that she would unwittingly bring the germs home to Ship Bottom and infect members of her family and community, including her 90-year-old mother. “I was covering the story as this coronavirus was marching towards reality,” said Stockton-Rossini, who was on the front lines, reporting […]

Positive Cases of COVID-19 Increasing on Long Beach Island, Mainland

On March 18, the Long Beach Island Health Department announced the first positive case of COVID-19, the novel coronavirus, on LBI. Joseph Lattanzi, a doctor at Southern Ocean Medical Center, in Manahawkin, further confirmed the positive result, for an 83-year-old Surf City man. As of this Monday, March 30, the Ocean County Health Department also lists three cases from Long […]

Officials Declare LBI Local Disaster Area Ahead of COVID-19 Peak

Long Beach Island has been proclaimed a local disaster area/emergency amid the COVID-19 pandemic as officials prepare for the peak period of the novel coronavirus, expected to come in the next few weeks. Mayors Kirk Larson, Barnegat Light; Nancy Taggart Davis, Beach Haven; Jonathan Oldham, Harvey Cedars; Joseph Mancini, Long Beach Township; and William Huelsenbeck, Ship Bottom, issued individual proclamations […]

Little Egg Harbor Local Calista Quinn Competes on ‘American Idol’

Seventeen-year-old pop artist Calista Quinn of Little Egg Harbor has managed to make every moment of her young life count, traveling the country and singing her way to stardom. A young woman with huge ambition, she is now competing in Hollywood Week on “American Idol.” Quinn made herself heard even as a small child, showing zero intimidation before thousands of […]

Emergency Medical Supplies and Volunteer Shortage Part of Local COVID-19 Concerns

As the number of COVID-19 cases increases across New Jersey, two items are in short supply: N-95 surgical masks and, in some communities, qualified personnel to man the volunteer emergency response organizations on the front lines. While the two things may appear unrelated, the truth is they’re very much dependent on each other. “We’re extremely short on masks,” said Jay […]

Southern, Stafford Teachers Make Adjustments During First Week of Remote Learning

Dan Dreher claims to have some “odd things” in his home, among them a greenscreen and backlight lamps for the purpose of doing video game streaming. Turns out those “odd” pieces of equipment helped him last week as he made the adjustment from classroom instruction inside Southern Regional High School to remote instruction from his residence. “I have some capability […]

Great Disinfectant


To the Editor: I am a South Jersey Democrat who is concerned about the openness of the Democratic Congressional nomination process. The arbitrary and undemocratic method in some counties of determining the candidate who gets the “party line” column on primary election ballots has long been a self-defeating exercise that divides Democrats in the general November election. It is especially […]