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Surf Has Been Running Hot and (Very) Cold With Great Gatherings on the Horizon

By Jon Coen | November 24, 2022

Does anyone else feel like they walked out of their house barefoot onto the green grass in the middle of November and Old Man Winter just came charging around the side of the house at full speed, launched himself horizontally and brutally form tackled you? It was somewhere between John C. Reilly taking down Will Ferrell for molesting his drum set […]

November Wave and Weather Pleasantries Amid Shifting of Seasons

By Jon Coen | November 13, 2022

“Last week felt like those days you longed for in high school, whether you were cutting class or waiting for the bell to ring so you could get to the beach. The water is warmer right now than it was in July. I’m a happy camper and grateful for all current circumstances.” That’s how my friend Torr Cohen wrapped up […]

Another Island Landmark Gone, Boardriders Converge, Uncooperative Winds

By Jon Coen | October 27, 2022

Here’s the sad news, folks: The 7-Eleven in Ship Bottom closed on Sunday. My first question is this: If this is no longer a 7-Eleven, will we still say we are surfing 7-11 (or simply “Sevies,” as we like to dub it)? Like, if you look at any surf map of New Jersey, the Ninth Street beach in Ship Bottom […]

The Day That Was Supposed to Be Good vs. the Day That Was Really Good

By Jon Coen | October 22, 2022

Has anyone noticed what’s been happening in surf shops the last few years? Hey, we all like a cold drink, right? I assume that’s why the surf retailers have a quarter of the store designated to drinkware. These days, in addition to surfboards, wetsuits and flannels, your local surf shop can get you outfitted with thermoses, canteens, high balls, low […]

Weather, Whales and Events Pick Us Up After Storm Punch

By Jon Coen | October 15, 2022

Sometimes I don’t know how we get through the day without positivity quote memes on Instagram. I mean, we can wake up and it’s raining with the bay coming up into the garage, the coffee maker is dead, the rent is due and the dog threw up on the carpet right next to your bed. You get up and you’re […]

A Breakdown of Nor’Ian’s Worst Possible Storm Track; Cantore Blowing in the Wind

By Jon Coen | October 06, 2022

Is it me, or are we all pretty much quietly wishing to see Jim Cantore get washed away during a live broadcast? The weather certainly tops the headlines this week. And as The SandPaper comes out, the remnants of Hurricane Ian are just starting to pull away from our area, a storm that will likely go down in the all-time […]

Places Enjoyed by Many May Now Belong to Few; Rocky Fling With Fiona, Mess of Hurricane Ian

By Jon Coen | September 28, 2022

It would seem that an awful lot of folks on Long Beach Island, and even those for whom this is a part-time home, are pretty upset at the news of the Long Beach Island Grade School being sold to a private enterprise and likely meeting the wrecking ball. But to those who are upset about this, you may be looking […]

Writing Locally Inspired Screenplay; Lusty Eyes on Miss Fiona

By Jon Coen | September 21, 2022

I recently had an idea for a screenplay about Long Beach Island. I’m currently working on the script and wondering if you have any Hollywood connections? It’s about a kid who summers on LBI. He’s your average 26-year-old, loves Sunday fun day at the beach, late night hot wings and his UV sun shirts. He drives down in his dad’s […]

16th Annual Clam Jam Lights Up Early; Weber and Willem Take the Win

By Jon Coen | September 15, 2022

In 2007, Jetty held its first-ever Clam Jam event. After some good-time brainstorming and planning sessions, the company, which had been around for four years and sold T-shirts at a handful of East Coast surf shops, decided to hold an event that celebrated the local surf community after a long summer of hard work. The goal was inclusion. There hadn’t […]

Tragic News Amplifies Water Awareness This Time of Year

By Jon Coen | September 14, 2022

This is normally a pretty joyous time of year for the folks who gravitate toward the surf/beach/ocean/Liquid Lines community, yet we have to start the column with some terrible news. A 57-year-old man who was not unfamiliar with the ocean was pulled from the water deceased on Saturday afternoon. And there are two huge points that need to be made. […]