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Stadium Press Box Dedicated to ‘Voice of the Rams’

BRIGHT LIGHT: Going forward, all who enter the Albert J. Goldberger Memorial Stadium at Southern Regional High School will know ‘The Voice of the Rams’ was king of the press box. (Photo by David Biggy)

The audience of several hundred had just heard John Kaszuba’s famous call “Everybody up for the kickoff!” when Southern Regional School District Superintendent Craig Henry asked any past and present school board members in the gymnasium to step forward for “an ad-hoc board of education meeting.” A bit of an awkward silence filled the space.

It was a seemingly strange request to make two-thirds of the way through the “celebration of life” ceremony in honor of Kaszuba, but a moment later seven individuals made their way toward the stage. Former members Don Myers and Chris Taylor positioned themselves directly in front of Henry at the podium, with current members Steve Berkheiser, Heather Tatur, Keith Weidenhof, Paul Sharkey and Kelly Zuzic slightly off Henry’s left.

The superintendent requested a motion for Resolution 11-02-2022. Myers made it, Taylor seconded, and Henry asked for each one’s vote to pass the resolution. Unanimous.

They had just voted to attach John Kaszuba’s name to a portion of the football stadium forever, and an audible gasp came from the direction of the front row, where John’s wife, Susan, and the rest of their immediate family sat.

“It was a very nice sendoff to John,” Susan said later.

After reading the 17 details of the resolution – starting with John Kaszuba’s graduation from Southern Regional High School in 1977, to how he cofounded the Southern Oldtimers Club, to how he became “The Voice of the Rams” and director of football operations, to how he “rejoined the Southern family as a media specialist” in 2010, then pursued and obtained his teaching certificate and became a teacher of audio-visual technology in 2015, and plenty more – Henry finally reached the end.

“Now, therefore, be it resolved that, on this date, the 19th of November, 2022, the press box in the Albert J. Goldberger Memorial Stadium be named ‘The John Kaszuba Press Box’ in honor of a life fully lived in service of the Black and Gold, which John will forever represent,” he announced. “We love you, John. We will miss you forever. But we will never forget all you did for all who you knew. Forever a Ram.”

Following a standing ovation, Henry concluded the presentation.

“The accent lighting around the sign will be on 24/7/365,” he said. “That light will never be turned off. That press box will be John’s, and he’ll be in it forever.”  —D.B.

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